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What is Mentoring?

It is not: therapy, supervision or teaching...

A mentor is there to support, guide, listen, provide feedback, help to identify any barriers which may be a hinderance, help you to develop, grow and believe in yourself.

You can use mentoring as and when you require; a regular tool, a 'one off', or purchase a package of 6 or 12 sessions, at a discounted rate, to use throughout your training or first year of being qualified.

Bring your thoughts and feelings from your counselling journey to mentoring and lets unpick them together...

*Although informal, boundaries will be in place, in terms of session time and confidentiality.

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Trainee Counsellors

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Newly Qualified Counsellors

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Group Mentoring

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Counselling Educational Institutions

I can also visit your organisation and provide group mentoring or facilitate a personal and professional development (PPD) group session for trainees.

I offer a free 45 minute introduction session to organisations ONLY.

*Please email me for prices of group mentoring or facilitating a PPD session.

Navigate your New Path

You've done it! Congratulations! Now what?

Explore your New Journey

Not the straight path you imagined?

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How do I know?

We were all trainees once....

I have extensive experience with trainee counsellors, having worked in student support, as clinical placement coordinator, mental health mentor for undergraduates, counselling lecturer and facilitator of person and professional development groups. I have seen and heard it all and been through the experience myself; It can be daunting. 

The most common areas I find students struggle with is: coping with the personal development element that training evokes, not feeling 'ready' to begin placement, wondering if they're 'doing it right' comparing themselves to others, time management, self sabotage, imposter syndrome and not believing in their own ability. The list goes on, sound familiar?

Trainee Counsellors: Mentoring: About


Appointments are via zoom and available as a one off, ad hoc or as a package

Discounts available for packages.

15 minute Taster


30 Minute Session


1 hour session


Package Prices

Block buy 6 30 minute sessions and receive an extra session FREE (7 for the price of 6) £60

Block buy 6 1 hour sessions and receive an extra session FREE (7 for the price of 6) £108

Please feel free to contact me.

I will respond to all enquires.

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